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This is an SSIS Package that deploys backup/maintenance scripts to multiple servers and allows easy scheduling in a single location.
  • This has been rewritten in powershell and will no longer be developed here
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This solution came out of a need to manage maintenance scripts and their associated jobs and schedules for a large number of servers in different environments. As new servers were deployed it became more and more work to schedule each job and keep track of all of the schedules on each server so they didn’t overlap too much. I wanted a way to have a list of all of my servers with a time next to them that would handle the scheduling and deploying of all of the maintenance tasks and scripts.

For the maintenance scripts I use the amazing tool from Ola Hallengren. He has come up with a single script that deploys all of the elements required to backup and perform maintenance on SQL Instances that is reliable and really configurable. They haven’t let me down once and would recommend them to anyone. Running this script deploys everything that is needed with the only thing left to do is schedule the jobs to perform the various tasks.

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